The head of Éviter®'s extraordinary power is Nbelyax®, a unique nano-molecule in the world, developed in Mexico and patented internationally.

ADNNbeylax®, a new molecule that has been proudly patented in Mexico. In addition, the application has been filed in 148 countries through the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and 12 other countries directly. It is the first Mexican patent with projection to many countries in the world.

The scientific linkage has been fundamental for the development of technology and its certifications. Without the support of researchers, institutions, laboratories, and universities, such an important discovery would not have been possible, with a number of recognitions and mentions from the press deserving of a nomination by the World Economic Forum.

The result is a Mexican innovation that brings great benefits to the health of the whole world.


virusNano-matter presents properties completely different from those of the macro scale.

The nano scale redefines possible levels of manipulation of matter against previously known. Controlling their behavior, properties and chemical composition allows different technical applications that would otherwise be unimaginable.

nbelyax_2nmThis incredible molecule controls the biological behavior and chemical structure of the microorganism and modifies it in such a way that it loses its pathogenicity.

The manufacturing process of the nano-material, allows to have a contact surface that reaches a linear kilometer of information that reacts with the genetic material.


Advanced studies in biophysics have determined that the cell walls of microorganisms have different magnetic charges than those of animal and plant cells.

Thanks to this discovery and taking advantage of these loads, the active ingredient in Éviter® products is able to select only the pathogens and neutralize them completely.

This selective response is a critical advantage for the administration of the active, since its biocatalyst reacts only on contact with the genetic material, presenting an exponentially greater effectiveness than the common disinfectants.

Molecular level action

When it comes into contact with the genetic material, it breaks the molecular bonds, disarticulates its DNA or RNA strand and as there is no transfer of genetic information, the microorganisms do not generate any resistance

In this post-antibiotic era, microbial resistance is closely linked to intrahospital infections, which are the fifth-highest among deaths in developed countries. Eviter thus represents a vigorous infection control technique.


Keeping surfaces (or skin) free of the full spectrum of pathogenic microorganisms, ie viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, trypanosomes and mycobacteria, is the way we will be able to fight infection.

Through different laboratories authorized by COFEPRIS (regulatory entity) we have confronted the products to the microbial challenge under the methodology of the standard BB-040 against various pathogenic microorganisms. This standard indicates that the pathogen should be removed by 99.99% in a maximum of 30 seconds. We have achieved it in all categories, that is why it has been cataloged with a Total Spectrum effectiveness.


One of the main disadvantages of common disinfectants and antiseptics is that they all harm the user in varying degrees, are toxic and even carcinogenic, so the main goal that we look at was safety, proven by various studies.

In the following study * Nbelyax® cell viability compared to other compounds such as chlorine, glutaraldehyde, chlorhexidine and benzene derivatives is shown, showing that it does not harm healthy cells even at concentrations 1000 times higher than any other product.


* Study conducted by Dr. Carlos Cabello, chief of the Laboratory of Virology and Mycology of the National Institute of Respiratory Diseases.

We have certified that it does not degrade human DNA, confirming the effectiveness of its bioselective capacity.

cuadro_numerosAccording to the experiments carried out in the Division of Genomic Medicine of the National Medical Center Hospital November 20, it is shown that the DNA of human origin that was in contact with the nanoparticulate suspension at different incubation times and dilutions, does not present any degradation. It is thus proven that its selective biocatalyst does not react in cells of different origins.


We are very fortunate to have distinguished allies who collaborate with us. Prestigious institutions where continuous research is carried out to develop new and better applications.

National Institute of Respiratory Diseases

In the INER is the laboratory of Virology and Mycology responsible for identifying the strain of the virus A-H1N1 during the pandemic of 2009 and thanks to this was developed the vaccine. In this same laboratory, the inhibitory effect on influenza A-H1N1 virus infection in MDCK cells was demonstrated.

Hospital 20th of November

In its Division of Genomic Medicine, it was demonstrated that the DNA of human origin that was in contact with the suspension of nanoparticles in different times and concentrations, did not present any degradation. We find that it is completely safe to use.

National Polytechnic Institute


In his Immunochemistry laboratory, he was studied in an antimycobacterial test, considering as positive the inhibition of 99% of the tuberculous and non-tuberculous mycobacteria on which they were tested.


Efficacy test of 6 days in intensive care and bedding of a pediatric hospital in Mexico City.

Different techniques of washing, sanitization and disinfection were performed in different hospital areas in order to make a previous diagnosis and adjust the protocols necessary to reduce intrahospital infections.

Proof of effectiveness of 4 days in a pastry and bakery plant with production capacity for the national market.

During 4 days the Éviter products were applied with different techniques to control the growth of fungi and bacteria in production areas and to determine the appropriate application methodology.