Gresmex, was recognized for the creation of a molecule capable of eliminating all types of pathogens and creating environments free of risks of infection.

The Evaluation Committee of the Confederation of Employers of the Mexican Republic (COPARMEX) awarded the 2016 National Health Award to the company Gresmex, whose general director is Gabriela León Gutierrez, for the creation and patent of its nanoparticle Nbelyax, a molecule capable of Kill and eliminate all kinds of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores and mycobacteria.

"It gives me great excitement that COPARMEX gives us an acknowledgment, as it recharges our batteries to keep pushing and fighting so that Éviter, commercial brand of the products, is used for the health sector both in government and private initiative," Said the general director of Gresmex. For 17 years, Gabriela and her brother Sergio have been dedicated to the development of a high technology solution that provides real biosafety guarantees with an ethical stance that always seeks to safeguard human health and the environment.

"The Nbelyax® patent is almost granted in the 140 countries where it has a presence, while in Mexico it is already registered in its entirety," Gabriela León emphasized.

Premio Nacional de Salud 2016
Premio Nacional de Salud 2016

Company founded by Gabriela and Sergio León Gutiérrez in 1999, specialized in the manufacture of antiseptics, sterilizers and sanizantes directed to the health sector and to personal use. Is born to meet the current needs of safety in high-risk spaces such as hospitals, clinics, clinics, laboratories; And the food industry and agriculture, among others.

Éviter® completely neutralizes the pathogenicity of microorganisms and is completely safe even with constant use; Acts only on pathogenic microorganisms and does not harm the environment.

“the big changes begin with small contributions. No matter how many enemies are against, if you know that you are doing good for your community, for your country, ¡you have to fight! "

Gabriela León Gutiérrez
CEO of Gresme